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Joined up thinking

...that will enable you to focus on your own stuff and not on funding or licensing of IT systems.

These guys are worth a mention.

NetLinux Desktop

This will be available as a PXE live boot from NetLinux Server
or a Live CD and will have the tools to administer NetLinux Servers and Desktops

This is based on the lightweight but powerful and highly configurable KDE3 Trinity Desktop
This is the nearest Linux equivalent to the very popular Windows XP desktop.

NetLinux from scratch

AKA Femto NetLinux

A new distribution building on RedHat and Debian based systems with a new package deployment based on self-extracting binaries.

Check it out here

NetLinux Hosting

NetLinux Networks

Working on a financial network, one of the biggest challenges is performance of the network.
This requires a forensic packet level diagnostic ability.


These guys are producing loads of virtual appliances and live distros